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Preserved Flower Bubble Gift Box 7cm for Any Hanging Deco

$29.00 Regular price $35.00
Color - 7cm Rose-Red
  • Eternal love
  • With sparkling LED light
  • Every piece picked freshly and manually
  • After professional preserving process, with everlasting love and heartfelt appreciation, they become delicate and graceful preserved rose flowers.
  • NOTABLE POINTS: No need for watering or sunshine. Keep petals away from clothes that might be stained easily and do not swallow them. Life of rose can stretch into 3 - 5 years if it is kept from direct sunlight, strong wind, moist or dusty air. Please note that well-preserved roses are sold after skilled care, and these tips can help to effectively extend its lifespan.
  • Weight: 0.4 kg